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Ram Problem


Way too much time here...
My GF's comp has an Intel mu440ex mobo which needs sdram. I bought a 256 meg single sided stick, but it only reads it as 128 meg. The mobo can go up to 256 meg so???? Is it just that it is a single sided one? Or should I flash the bios and hope for the best? New bios will be at intel.com ????

setting up a comp for the female :p first vidcard now the mobo. Dont have a good answer to this one, but check if you cant find another piece of ram and maybe that will work better


Way too much time here...
Hehehe yeah. She gave me a carte blanche to play with it.
"If you kill it, you need to buy me a new one"

I am building myself a good comp and this is just to tide me over while I am broke. I am getting an a7n8x deluxe and a XP2200 or so when I can afford it.

Trying to get as much bang for the buck as I can for free :D



Way too much time here...
Thanks! The answer I wanted was the truth :D

At least I know what the problem is now. I will put the 16 meg stick in the other slot as well> HEHEHE.

Any idea where the bios update will be?


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