RAM Optimizers (Do they work?)


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Just a question about RAM optimizers. Does anyone think they are worth it? Do they really work? I've got 256 megs of RAMBUS memory and can't really afford another set at these prices yet. If they do work what program would you recommend for XP? System is a 1.7ghz P4 with a 40 and 80 gig HDD, and I do a lot of Photoshop and Games.

Thanks for any opinions and responses.


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I've got the same as you & have had no need to use that sort of program. I have found that in xp they actually interfere more than do good. XP seems to manage it own memory needs quite well. For me anyway.

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ram optimizers in xp will definately slow you sown, and cause more paging to disc.

xp makes all the ram you are not using available.

it also keeps ram you might use soon available, yet also ready for the native use of what's written in the ram.

a ram program will release the ram that you already have waitng, and will slow down some of your activity, because the information that was in wait, is no longer so


RAM optimizers are good cuz some programs eat up all your memory, and when u exit outta them, sometimes they still dun give u your memory bak, so that's y sometimes your whole comp gets laggy. What RAM optimizers do is kinda refresh your RAM, so u get it bak, instead of having to restart your comp.

I had one, but i dun use it anymore and im doin fine now!

Dis is the one i used, if your interested : http://download.com.com/3000-2086-1400043.html?tag=lst-4-1

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Originally posted by LilBlueDawg
RAM optimizers are good cuz some programs eat up all your memory, and when u exit outta them, sometimes they still dun give u your memory bak, ...
no, whatever ram a program has in use, that it is not using becomes available through the pagefile, that's exactly what the pagefile does...it takes the memory that has not been accessed, and makes it available if it's needed, but it keeps it available to the program as well..ram optimizers circumvent this mechanism.

this topic is so funny, because it's the very people that think that ram optimizers are good, tha tdecrease the pagefile...very funny indeed.

if ram has not been accesed, it is available ifor immediate release in xp, (ha, unless you've made your pagefile too small)...if ram has been accesed, you don't want to release it..plain and simple


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nobody knows better than dealer. he's smart. follow his lead. yeah.

The only thing RAM optimizers, such as the one included with Tweak-XP is that it clears the clipboard, which you can also do through MS Office. The bad thing is that they remove DLL files loaded into memory and sometimes DLL files are removed from memory that are in use, such by applications running in your systrem tray.

Don't bother with RAM optimizers, just increase your PAGEFILE as dealer said or buy more RAM. Yeah. Done.

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Originally posted by tengcm
hey, what is RAM Optimizers for ??
mind to tell me more ???
some older os's could not release ram that was loaded in programs, but not needed.

every sophisticated program has tons of features...these are written to ram.

now, most of these features are never used, they just sit, and wait for someone who will finally use the feature.

some older os's had no good mechanism for recognizing unused ram, and an optimizer would help load new programs in these os's.

xp recognizes oldest used features, and makes that ram available for immediate use, however, it also leaves the information written to ram, so the ram is available, but the feature is available also, just in case the feature is accesed before the ram is needed...this is xp

a ram optimizer in xp will slow the box down.

just releasing the ram in the first place is a slow down


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Originally posted by butcherboys
RAM Optimizers (Do they work?)
Of course they do :D (used in the right situation)

The reason why most people think they are useless is because XP is LESS responsive after a memory flush.

If your using a RAM intensive application for any length of time XP will flush the unused dlls' from RAM to the Pagefile as and when XP deems necessary. (some tweak programs have an option to speed up this process - *I don't recommend using this tweak*)

For example if your playing a game especially online games'

After a certain amount of time XP will begin the process of paging unused dll's this process can cause the game to run slow & even crash.

This what I do before a fraggin session

Using the taskmanager end all non essential processes
Including explorer.exe
From new application run a RAM optimizer
& again from new application start the game
to get the explorer back after the game type in box explorer & hit OK
This process is much easier if you have your shortcuts on your desktop & easier still if you assign your shortcuts a hot-key



ive been using a ram optimizer called WinRamTurbo XP and it seems to work very well what it does is monitors your ram and only recovers ram if you choose to or if your systems ram gets to a critical low which you can set to your own likings.it also has a great tweak for DSL service which speeds up you connection which i enjoy as well as monitors your processor,page file,and memory load usage.nice little program


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Sounds a like a good program


I have yet to see a program that gives an accurate reading of the Pagefile usage

which in the case of RAM optimizers is all to important

RAM optimizers coupled with RAM intensive applications makes for a lot of paging activity

I would recommend (dealer you listening?)

On a machine with 256 meg of RAM or less & you consider yourself a power user

Increase the pagefile MIN to 3 x RAM

XP really eats it up



i used to get that message all the time for some reason the default virtual memory was automatically set to only about 400 megs which was needless to say to low.i changed it to have a max of 2000 megs so i shouldnt have to worry about that error any more.


im using Cacheman, a ram optimizer program....

it made my win98 run great, and just our of habit ive decided to install it on XP...

are you guys saying that Ill see a performance increase by uninstalling it?


well, im using it to make my comp go faster lol

i dont really run many ram intensive apps, aside from games. like for example, Mafia takes a huge chunk of ram to run.