RAM opinion needed


The Analog Kid
16 Mar 2002
Ok. I have 384 megs of pc133 ram. Have the oppurtinity to grab another 128 for $15. You guys even think it's worth it? I will be upgrading to a new machine in the next 2-3 months. Will I notice any performance gain between 384 and 512?
its $15 ... I spend more than that in Starbucks in a week. What can it hurt??
Might help a little in games and during start up. Your at the minimum recommended for Win XP. They use gobs of memory.

Depends on how much the $15 is worth to you. (See above post.) And if you think you can get it back. 128 meg sticks aren't in very high demand anymore.
Yeah, if the starbucks price is too high buy their ground coffee and brew it at home. I do. Hmmm, Christmas Blend!

And BTW 256 MB PC2100 Kingston sticks are on sale for $10 after rebates through today at Compusa ($34 in store price). You'll have the rebate back in time to buy the computer.

And use the $5 I saved you for a Caramel Frappacino at Starbucks.
eh, stuck with pc133 for a while.

Will be using either pc2700 or 3200 when i build a new box

or whatever the athlon64 will require then
Got a link for this compusa deal? I tried their site, but i hate navigating that site
It was in the newspaper add. Doubt if it will show on their web site except under the rebate section. Expires today. I checked the "Store Ad" on the site and it did not show the RAM sale. Looks like an in store only, maybe even regional.

PS. I hate their site too.
You may find minimal increase, but that's it. I'd save the money and add it to your new machine fund.
I dont think you will see much increase with the extra ram if it is such a small increase..

tbh as dev said... save it to your upgrade fun and get higher quality/clocked memory then...
The amount of increase is based upon how much you use your PC for. There is a defined speed/ram coefficient. In other words, you will reach a point in which the bottleneck on your machine is not the ram. When you reach this point, adding more RAM will not make your machine "faster." Instead, it will make it more consistant.
xp's proficientcy is based on the system having 2 gb's of ram, the closer you get to that, the better it runs. i am currently at 1 gig on this machine, on the 3.0 it is at 1gig synched pc3200. it runs like a dream on both, the other 1.7 has has 512 and it is a bit laggy at times, and the 900 with 512, bah, i need not mention it.

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