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RAM issue


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I've had enough bizarre system crashes in my day to know when I have bad RAM. But I've never seen a stick die completely and the system keep functioning. That appears to be my situation right now. I have 1 gig (two 512 sticks) installed but system properties only shows 512 total system memory. I guess what I'm wondering is if I should just order more ram or do I need to thoroughly examine my system and see if there might be a problem with the ram slot or maybe the whole motherboard. I keep delaying my plan to build a new system but if this is more than just a bad stick I'm going to have to get on it.


Opened the case and checked for loose connections. Everything seemed fine, rebooted and it's showing a full gig again. I have no idea what (if anything) that means.
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A memory stick was loose in the socket and you reseated it when poking around.

There is a bad trace/RAM socket on the MB and pushing and pulling made it reconnect for now.

There was oxide build up on the socket/ram stick pins and moving it broke the oxide.

I'd vote for #1. Either leave it alone and hope it keeps working until upgrade day arrives or if you're feeling lucky pull both sticks and reinsert them. To make sure they have a good connection.

Next time it dies run CPUz and see which stick is not reproting. It will help in trouble shooting.
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