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Ram issue with A7N8X

ok i just got a new MOBO from my uncle and i installd it and all is good but when it boots up it says that the rom is a 133mhz frequency. does that mean that is is running at 133mhz? because it says suport for ddr 400 (pc3200) on the box and in the manual. i have looked into the bios auto settings and it can only put it up to the 200mhz, it says it can take ddr but it does not want to run at ddr speeds. what is the deal? i really want to fix this can someone please please help me

Gus K

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Well 133 is where it should be for normal operation. Your chip probably is 1.67ghz (2000+), you have a chip multiplier of 12.5. 133 X 12.5 = 1.67. Your AMD chip is a 266fsb model. You have to move up a few notches to get to the 333fsb one's, and there is no 400fsb AMD's.

Your PC2700 memory is 266, not 400. The proper speed here would be 167 (in conjuntion with a 333fsb chip), I'm surprised your board doesn't offer this option.

If in the BIOS you have things to run by 'SPD' the mobo will set thing to run at the slowest component's rate, in this case your CPU (266), hence an external speed of 133.


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200mhz = 400mhz DDR

so, with your setup, you want a 4:5 cpu:mem ratio... with your cpu frequency at 133 (266ddr) which will make your memory frequency 167 (333 ddr).
oh ok i get it now LOL i thought that it was making my mempry run at 133 like sdram, but as everyone has pointed out it is not, thank you all for the information

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