ram faster than 400mhz... for what?


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hey i was just wondering which motherboards ands platforms accept ram over 400mhz, cuz i have not seen any that do, yet i see the ram all over the place and i know there are motherboards out there just dont know for what and how, also could i use faster than 400mhz at the specified speed on the abit nf7-s even though its max is 400?
For overclocking is the main thing. As well as Intel is going to be releasing the P4s with 1066mhz FSB within the next year. This would mean you would need 533mhz ram.


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The new Athlons64 has a frontside buss of 1000mhz, the new Powermacs have a frontside buss of 1250mhz

In the case of the Athlons they dont even need a memory controler as it's built into the processor.

here are some quotes

Bandwidth to Burn
The Power Mac G5’s ultra-high bandwidth system architecture features up to a 1.25GHz frontside bus — one on each processor — for maximum throughput from the system to the G5 processor. And a point-to-point system controller lets data move directly between subsystems, without affecting processor function.

AMD has introduced its new dual channel Socket 939 Athlon64 platform just a few weeks before Intel's new architecture launch. Our benchmarks show what AMD's socket 939 brings to the table, with such features as a HyperTransport speed of 1 GHz, and how its performance matches up to its price.


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the highest current jedec spec is 200mhz == ddr400...

athlon64 systems are designed to run fine @ ddr400... the hypertransport speed should not be confused with anything else... teh architecture is difference since the memory controller is built on the die itself...

hypertransport increases overall bandwidth within the setup but that does not mean faster memory will make the system run faster... technically speaking amd's athlon64 fsb == system clock... it != HT or ddr speeds afaik... if I am wrong about this lemme know :)

for p4 and socketA boards it is a good thing to have faster mem since you can do a coupla things.. seek to synch the fsb (the older devices have a separate northbridge.. it is not built onto the cpu itself) when oc'd with the faster mem so as to have best efficiency OR reduce the timings of the mem @ a lower speed which is also a nice trade-off if you are a synthetic benchmark expert :D

and mafia... yes normally you can buy faster memory and stick it into your board and it will work fine @ the lower clocks supported by the board...


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no as in i want it to work at the speed that it is suppose to be, and yeah thats what i was thinking just that if u get it running up the its supposed speed then it will be running fine just the mobo is the one that has to be cooled right? or am i thinking wrong?
Well it depends. Your mobo needs some sort of bios hack, unless it has the settings to go higher. As well as you'll need cooling for the mobo, and possibly for the prossessor because of the speed increase on it.

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