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Ram Drive?

I used this some time ago. But I realized that you don't really see any performance improvements by using RAM drives.

One thing ppl add to their RAM drives is the temporary internet files folder. For me, it only made it worse, since I lost all cached files on rebooting the system.

Anyways, I continued to use it until I realized that the problems I was having with large downloads was due to the RAM drive itself. I download Linux ISO's quite often, and they're large files (around 700 MB each). I found that since ongoing downloads are stored in your temporary internet files folder, my 700MB ISO's were getting truncated to 32 MB (the size of my RAM drive back then). Obviously there was no way I could get a RAM drive large enough to accomodate such large downloads, so I gave up on that altogether.

Since Leedogg asked for a free RAM drive app, I posted a link to it. I didn't mention my experiences, since different people have different opinions about RAM drives.
There is absolutely nothing wrong with the software I posted. It works as it should, it's free, and installation is easy. So give it a try. If you like it, keep it. If you experience troubles like I did (not with the software, but with RAM drives in general), or see no benefit using it, it doesn't take long to uninstall the app. :)


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AR soft ramdisk only supports disk sizes up to 120MB in Windows XP - got a reply from technical support. AQ much more useful ramdisk program is centatek however it will cost you money. Testing a centatek 300MB ramdisk which is useful for software intallation and zip file processing (must rellocate temp folders). Also usefull for privacy e.g. History and recent folders. Lots of tips on website.


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OK guys I finally found one that works good for me, plus its free :p

This app

Is working great!

Created a ramdrive of about 15Mb, moved my temporary internet folder there and web pages load up about 5x faster and returning to previous pages load instantly! Best Internet speedup tweak I've ever used :cool:

I had this in win 98 but until just now havent been able to find a suitable application for xp.
Originally posted by Leedogg
Created a ramdrive of about 15Mb, moved my temporary internet folder there and web pages load up about 5x faster and returning to previous pages load instantly! Best Internet speedup tweak I've ever used :cool:
And a reboot makes everything worse. :)
Besides, you lose all your cookies after a reboot as well. I would find it extremely inconvenient to login to all the forums everytime I have to reboot.

With that said, if it still suits you, feel free to use it. Looks like a nice little app.

Just as a sidenote:
Did you know that Firebird already makes use of a memory cache, besides a disk cache, without using a RAMdrive? You can specify the amount of RAM it uses as well. However, unlike the RAMdrive method, it doesn't store everything in the memory cache - only images (which are the primary cause of slow loading times anyway).
To check what's being cached in your RAM, just type about:cache (without the spaces...no idea why vB added that in) in a Firebird window, and check the contents of the memory cache.
So basically, you're getting the best of both worlds - images cached in your RAM, and no loss of cookies and other temporary internet files after you reboot.


Gojyone kawaiiiiiiii!
ah so thats why firebird appears to run faster than IE. Ah well. I dont use firebird for a couple reasons. Besides. I just rebooted and I apparantly havent lost my cookies ;)


Gojyone kawaiiiiiiii!
yep. I see all my cookies in B:\Temporary Internet Files Dunno why its saving them but it is :) besides, AI roboform (one of the main reasons I stick with IE..actually MyIE) easily populates any site form I need to relogon to.

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