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ram cpu or modem



i got 50 bucks, i was wondering if i should get 512 ddr 2700 ram or a save or a althon xp 2400+ or get a new modem cuz i only connection at 52.3 can any one fix my modem problem? here r my stats
amd duron 1.1 ghz
geforce modem
300 watt ps
nforce motherboard
256 ddr 2100 ram

oh ya what is better to use a nforce sound or a sound blaster pci 512


While I can't speak about the other items, I would NOT get a new modem. Tthat speed is about the best you can achieve. Considering that phone lines, distance to the CO (phone switching station) and other factors can really kill modem speed, that aspect of your system is fine.

Where I live I can't get above 41.2 and it averages 38.4 most days. At my friends house he can get at most about 31.2. In both of these cases it's because of the lines from the CO really suck.



OSNN Gamer
definitely get more RAM > it took me almost 12 month to upgrade from 256meg to 768meg

now XP & all me games run sweet as > no more paging to disk



On a regular nforce motherboard getting ddr2700 would be a big waste of time. Especially if you already have a stick of 2100 in it. Also duron processors are crap. Not as bad as intels celeron but deffinatly ranking up with the flounders of the pc world. A duron processor would achieve no benefit from anymore ram. However an ahlon would. You have two good choices both reflecting on the next. You could get more ram.... but then you would need a new processor to benefit from it. You could get a new processor.. but youd need to get more memory to benefit fully from it. In all I would get the new processor because you will benefit from the higher fsb with or without the memory. So if I was in your position... id get myself a new athlon xp :0)

Mr Dead

Forget the xp2400 get an xp1700 JIUHB DLT3C. Dirt cheap to pick up and overclock like mad. Got mine running at 200 X 12 = 2.4 gig at 1.85 Vcore. Out performs an xp3000 and at a fraction of the cost!!!

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