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Rakion - Chaos Force

If anyone is interested in a fun little game, check out Rakion. http://www.softnyx.net/

It's made by the same people that make GunBound. The game is essentially unreal tournament meets an RPG. Battling is team deathmatch style but the more you kill and more you play you level up and earn exp and gold. Then you can go to the shop and upgrade equips and when you lvl up you can increase stat points. You also build up "chaos" for kills and when your chaos meter gets full you can chose to go into chaos mode which is essentially a giant power boost.

I started playing it last night and it was a blast.

To get into the closed beta you have to live in one of 6 countries. Singapore, Malaysia, Canada, USA, UAE, Israel. The game is only about a 215MB download.

There are also singleplayer missions too. That you can play for exp and gold. I haven't checked them out yet but plan on it when I get home.

Will check it out more when I get home and report back.
been playing most of the weekend and having a blast. only complaint is that there isn't an option for wide screen resolution so everyone looks short and fat on my laptop. hopefully that will get fixed in the future.

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