Rainbow Six Series?



This series must be the best series I have ever played in my gaming career. My 4 years of playing this game and being one of the best at the game has really effected my gaming. Being Lieutenant Generals in top clans such as DT (DreamTeam) and CTSF (Counter-Terrorist Special Forces) has really made me a true team player. Tho than I was known by Predator, still am but somebody took that name... anyway. The skill you need to play this game online is unbeleivable, because there are so many great players out there. If any of you guys have never played a game of this series thatn I'd deffenitly pick up a copy of Rogue Spear Platinum. Post some comments in here I want to see some opinions on this great series.
I totally agree with you. I started out with Rainbow Six but since then have moved on to Rogue Spear. I own all of the expansion packs and this game has to be the best game ever made. Most gamers out there are huge Quake and Half Life fans but for me, I swear Rogue Spear is the best game for realism and gameplay. I have never been part of a clan myself but just play for fun on the net. Multiplayer gameplay for Rogue Spear is very enjoyable and competitive. I too, would also like to hear what you all think of this game.
How to Run Rouge Spear in XP

Rouge Spear initially had problems for me in XP because mouse and keyboard commands would be delayed. It made the game unplayable.

I solved this by going to the RougeSpear.exe file's properties and selecting compatibility mode for Windows95.

Just wanted to pass the info along....

BTW: If anyone knows how to add custom weapons to teh game I really would like to know.
I had the same problem with the delay and found out it was caused by the MS Powertoys. I uninstalled them and it works great now. It's only one of the Powertoys that causes it but I don't know which one it is. I know that it isn't the desktop manager or the audio shell. See if that helps you.
But boo! You can’t jump!!

Aye.. but it's still one of the best series out there imo - I love Ghost Recon.. Finally you can actually use your teammates for something :D
Ghost Recon is wicked, if I had time to play games, I would play that ;)

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