Rainbow colored Easter chicks


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19 Apr 2002
A poultry farm in Alaska is dying its baby chickens the colors of the rainbow.

The color-coordinated chicks were a hit with young boys and girls, who were careful not to squeeze the chicks as they played with them.

Farmers inject a non-toxic dye into the eggs before they hatch to get the crazy colors.

The dye does not harm the chicks. The birds will actually lose their wacky hues as they get older. Their brightly colored feathers will fall out as their new feathers grow in.

How cool is that! Check out the short video on the page too. I'd love to have a green one as a pet.
Little does farmer John know that the dye he thought he was injecting had gamma radiation in it.
Haha, nice find ;)

lol @ chaos... :D
Poor little buggers, when they grow up they will be called all sorts of nasty names when they attend school!
Not if all of them are brightly colored. The "normal" yellow ones will probably be a minority.
Can't wait for chicken affirmative discrimination to kick in :p

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