Smokin & Jokin
Bought an ASUS A7V8X t'other day, god it was a
pain in the arse to set up but I did it:D

Comes with this RAID thingy.....I managed to put my second HDD on that.
I've seen people talking about putting both HDD's on RAID (RAIDing them together):huh:
Should I?
Or should I have them on seperate channels?

O yer, 1 more thing!!!!

I've got a little computer icon down on taskbar like the internet one indicating your on a network of some sort.
It says its a 1394 connection.....Funny thing is I'm not on a network :huh: , only internet.....
(I have 2 LAN cards installed)

RAID 0 will get you some more performance out of the disks but IMO it's not worth it. It's easy to loose data if something goes wrong. Never store important data on a RAID 0 array.
Allways put drives on separate channels if you can.

That's firewire. :) Since you can network over Firewire it tells you you are on a network. You can hide the icon in your network settings.


RAID 0 is disk mirroring. It writes identical data to both drives. What you are thinking of is RAID 1 which is disk striping.


You should disable the firewire connection in your bios. A RAID 0 will give you about a 33% increase in HDD performance. If they are identical hard drives that's the way to go. If one drive is larger the array only sees them as the same size so it will read your larger drive as the same size as your small drive. You could also just use the RAID connections as regular IDE slots and you would have the ability to have up to 8 drives including optical drives.

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