What is the difference between a RAID and non-RAID motherboard?

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A raid is..........

An example (but not the only one) of RAID is that you can use several
physical drives and using the RAID technology you can combine them
together, appearing you have one big drive. Say you have three 2GB
drives and you have to choose what you put on which drive and if one
drive fills up, you have to start putting data on a differnet drive.
Using RAID you could make it appear that you have one big 6Gb drive (3 2GB
drives makes a 6GB drive) as far as the OS is concerned.

This is a simplification, but it should give an idea what you can do
with RAID.

A differnet example is mirroring: you have two or more drives and each
contains exactly the same information. If you write a file, it actually
gets written on all three disks. Now imagine the primary disk crashes.
The RAID system notices this and one of the other backup disks take
over. Since they contain exactly the same information there shouldn't be
data loss (or at least very minimal) and the system can continue to do
whatever it is doing without any downtime
Forgot to say

If you have raid you can do the above if not you cannot unless you buy a seperate pci card which then adds raid
Not true, XP and 2K has software support for RAID like use of hard drives.
Mmm short reply

Can you add more to your short message....thanks.

oh like some detail..or a link where i can read about it cheers
You do it in the Computer Managment mmc. If you click on the desktop and hit F1 I'm pretty sure there are complete instructions on doing this, should be on too.
Not true, XP and 2K has software support for RAID like use of hard drives.

Um, I'm running XP Home, and there is almost no info in Help about RAID (an entry in the glossary, prettyl much) and ms support also only has a few esoteric articles on subject.

Your post makes it sound as if you almost knew what you were saying...can you please elaborate on it a little bit?

this is all cause xp and raid arent getting along just yet and ms doesnt want to admit it.......:rolleyes:

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