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14 Jul 2002
Is raid any good. I have a chaintech 7njs with two 120gig hard drives. One is ATA133 and the other is ATA100. I've made quite a few partitions on both hard drives. If it is how to I go about installing it?

RAID works using 2 or more identical drives, I think you also need SATA or SCSI drive with their relevent controllers to use em.
Raid is available on IDE (on certain mobos).
You have a few options (can't remember all of them). You can either use two drives to mirror each other, or rather the 2nd HD to mirror your Master HD. Alternatively, you may use the two HDs as a single HD (like merging the two together).

There are some more options you can choose from, but I can't remember what they are.
Mirroring is a waste of time. It takes away half of your storage space and if oyu pick up a virus both get infected at the same time.

Striping has advantages (and risks) but you've got one problem to start. One of your drives is a different speed than the other according to your sig. So if you stripe them to get a speed incease they will only run as fast as the slower.

Your mother board also has to support RAID. Does it have 4 IDE sockets? If so it supports RAID.
The speed difference between ATA 100 and 133 is nil, it's all marketing hype.

I say stripe them...

two drive in RAID 1 are faster because each drive only write half the information it'd normaly have to if it was 1 drive.

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