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i have two identical 60Gb hard drives stripped togeater under one array. Is there a way to separate them so they form a c: and a d:


You can do one of two things. You can partition the drive to form two partitions, c: and d:. Or, you can disable the RAID controller and use the HDs as regular IDE drives.


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will i be able to leave them pluged into the raid slots as they are on the motherboard and i already have the normal ide primary and secondary filled with a dvd reader, dvd burner and two cdrw

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It depends on the kind of array. If you have a striped array then Not a hope as breaking the array would destroy the data on both drives.

If it is a mirrored array then you should ( By no means guarenteed ) be able to do it


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harddrives can be plugged into a raid controller and not be in array. for instance, my ide0 and ide1 are used by my cdrom and bunrer... my 3 hd's are plugged into my raid controller but they aren't configured in any arrays... just using them as normal ide channels.


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Tryed but failed. Then tryed to reinstall xp but the diskette that had the raid driver on was corruct. That is on a msi kt7pro R


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i could try to give you lots of instructions and have you try different things, but just do this...

plug the main hd up to your mobo (not raid controller) and install xp... once it's done and your raid controller's drivers are installed properly, plug the c: back up to the raid and it should work. does for me, at least.


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my recommendation is see if you can get hold of a hard drive with the capacity of Data you have used then format the two drives and put the data back. This is only really needed if you did striped RAID. Mirrored should be OK.

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