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RAID card questions


Overclocked Like A Mother
Hi Guys,

I was at Silicon Image looking for the maximum size HDs that I can connect to my SIL 0680 Ultra 133 Medley RAID PCI card. This is a quote as to what I found on there:

"The SiI0680/0680A supports 48-bit sector addressing, which means that the maximum HD drive size it can support is 144.11x10[15] bytes or 144.11 million GB. The 64x class of controller chips only support 28-bit addressing which allows a maximum supportable size of 137GB per drive."

I don't understand what it means. Is 144GB the biggest sized HD's I can connect to this card?

My Promise TX2000 does not give me a maximum value, it only says it supports HD's above 137GB per drive. Would anyone know what the maximum per drive is on this card?

I am thinking of using 4 x 160GB HD's. Given the fact that the SIL680 cost me $28.00 and the Promise TX2000 is valued at $159.00 (it was actually given to me), I think that the Promise chipset will be the one that I will be using anyways.



Overclocked Like A Mother

144 MILLION GB!! I thought that they were out to lunch with their calculations. Well, thanks for clearing that up.

Now, I wonder what the difference would be between a $28 card and a $159 one. They both are 48bit addressing. Here I thought that I was gonna overpower them with my 4 x 160Giggers

Thanks Dreamliner77,


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