RAID card question


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Hi Guys,

I currently have a RAID card in my File/FTP/MailServer Tower. It is a Silicon Image product with two IDE slots. I have 2x80gig HD on each IDE slot (Master&Slave), for a total of 4x80. I am running two Mirrored sets.
With approximately 3% left of room between all the drives, it is time for me to revisit my storage needs. Is there a RAID card that could handle 8 HardDrives? (4 mirrored sets)

My server tower/PSU can handle this extra load. It is a 10 drivebay tower with an Antec 480WattPSU, one CDRom optical drive, no ADrive. It is a PIII733 clocked down to 600mghz, 1024megsPC133

Thanks in advance.

Not sure but I thought you could only get 4 channels (8 devices) under the IDE standard.

If you want massive storage arrays I think your stuck with SCSI.

Not sure what Serial ATA will support.

Plan B would be to replace the wimpy 80 gigs with 250 gig HD's.


Overclocked Like A Mother
That was actually my first option: replace with bigger HD's. Then, that would leave me with 4x80's that would be useless to me. Maybe I could try selling them. So keeping them, and adding more would be my next option.
I did not know the IDE was limited to eight total. Would that be total, as in the case, or right off the mobo?
What I did see so far for RAID cards either come with 2 IDE channels like mine (Master, Slave & Master,Slave) or they come with 4 IDE channels (Master, Master, Master, Master).
So my presumably final, cost effecient-option would be a second RAID card. I am just wondering, like Admiral brought up, if there would be any conflicts between 2 RAID cards.