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RAID Arrays?



Currently running a RAID 0+1 array. What is the difference between a RAID 0, 1, 5 and 0+1 array? And which, as a home user, should I be running? Forget mirroring, etc, I just want maximum drive space.


I hope this is what you are looking for.

RAID Comparison............

I am using a Promise FastTrack TX2000. RAID 0,1. 1 array with 4 40 Gig HDDs. The system works well in case of a drive failure, just replace the failed drive and rebuild the array........

for just a home user you don't necessarily need raid if all you want is maximum drive space. if there is no worry of loss of data then you can just create a dynamic volume and keep adding disks as need to it....... the OS will handle up to 32 on its own before some other means, like hardware controllers is needed.
the system/boot partitions cannot be part of the volume as they cannot be on a dynamic disk, but all the rest can.
there is a few ways to approach this without any expensive hardware.
i have one machine built just for storage that is this way. only about $200 for base p4 machine, all was cheap. only real expense after that was the store drives.

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