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Raid 0


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I have been running raid 0 for about a year. I got bored one day a decided to remove raid and just run one drive. What I found was that there wasn't much difference between raid and no raid. Benchmarks almost the same. My question is: Is it possible I had raid setup wrong, or is raid not all it's cracked up to be. I went through my mobo manual to see if I had screwed up, but everthing checks out. Opinions?


RAID 0 would not give you a performance boost if you only had two drives. In other words, you set it up correctly (technically), but you didn't set it up to get better performance. Here's what I have setup on one of my machines:

1 x 80GB System drive (C: drive)

2 x 200GB Storage Drives RAID 0 (D: drive)

The only thing on the system drive is the operating system. All my applications are installed on D. This way, I benefit from the applications without the system slowing it down.

If you have just two drives, your perforance would be just as great as one big HD.

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