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RAID 0 with diff sized drives


Overclocked Like A Mother
Hi Guys,

I have a brand new Chaintech Mobo with onboard RAID 0/1. I one 40 gig7200 and one60gig7200. My mobo manual tells me tell in RAID 0, this will come up 80gig(2x40) and the rest of the 60 gigger will be truncated. Is this true for RAID0? I always understood that RAID0 was always the culmination of all different sizes to be added together as one. Like my case, 40+60= 100gigs in RAID0. Or is it just my mobo?

Thanks in advance



hardware monkey
your manual's correct. a raid stripe (raid 0) is only as big as the smallest drive times the number of drives in the array. also, it's only as fast as the slowest drive in the array.

for these two reasons, it's ideal to have identical drives in an array (stripe or mirror). same make, model, and size.
The more technical reason is this:
RAID 0 - Stripe:
Disk 1		Disk 2
------		------
|  1 |		|  2 |
|  3 |		|  4 |
|  5 |		|  6 |
|  7 |		|  8 |
|  9 |		| 10 |
| 11 |		| 12 |
| 13 |		| 14 |
| 15 |		| 16 |
------		| :( |
                | :( |
                | :( |
Every other blockr is written on each disk. So when one disk ends, no more blocks can be used.

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