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Raid 0 upgrade


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Greetings ....

Is there a way to add more drives to an existing Raid0 format? Is it somehow possibe to say ..take everything from the raid0 setup ..clone it on another single drive ..then clone it back to say 6 drives?
the number of ports you have available to plugin them into :)
Hhmmm...... :rolleyes: Maybe but I doubt it. I have one motherboard that has 8 SATA ports. I haven't tried running an 8 drive RAID array but I doubt that the built in controllers are up to running that many efficiently. Since I haven't tried to confirm this I may very well be wrong. Don't know.... That's why I asked.
you have two, 4 port controllers on boards with 8 ports. So you can have two 4 disk arrays.

Though we have an Adaptec SATA raid controller running 15 drives at work in raid5 mode.


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i guess thats what i was eventually getting to. Nvidia Raid controller can only have 4 drives? So there is no way to set the other kind ... silicone image ...to set it to the existing raid setup?


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How do I upgrade my two 80gig SATA drives in currently in striped in RAID to two 320gig SATA's in a striped raid configuration. My mainboard is the famous ASROCK 939 dual SATA. Thanks.

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