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Raid 0 array question

Hi...I recently purchased a new pc which is on a raid array 0 setup. I've had no experiences with raid as yet and was wondering if and when I need to do a fresh install of XP Home will I need to set up the array again in any way? or does it act just like a normal physical c drive set up when doing a fresh install?



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with mine you have to have 2 things. One raid array enabled in my bios. (shoudnt change with reinstall) but you also have to have the drivers for it during the install. If your using nforce 4 expect a headache but i can help you get by the problems if you need me to. Just recently did it. Please understand that raid 0 stripping is only for performace if you lose one drive out of the raid aray you lose all data. Just a reminder. :)
Hi VenomXt...thanks for the information, really appreciated :)

Also thanks for the offer of help - real kind of you, I'll bear it in mind if I run into any problems :)



Blame me for the RAZR's
np. Just dont waste 4 hour learning how to do it backwards like i had to do. damn nvida and there non-releasing raid driver for nforce 4 arses.


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VenomXt said:
np. Just dont waste 4 hour learning how to do it backwards like i had to do. damn nvida and there non-releasing raid driver for nforce 4 arses.
OH MAN tell me you are kidding?

I JUST bought my BFG 6800 GT


and I was GOING to setup my Raid 0 this weekend...

I bought my second raptor.. so now it sounds like ti could be useless



Blame me for the RAZR's
no not usless i figured out how to do it hehe you have to do it this way.

install Xp to one drive without raid drivers but enable raid 0 strip in bios.
then once in Xp use the nraid program to build the aray up on the other drive. Time consuming and *ucking annoying that you have to do this but it works. Been running stable for awhile now.


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Don't all nVidia chipsets have a onboard raid management on the motherboard? This is how I set my Raid0 up before installing windows. No problems whatsoever.


Blame me for the RAZR's
you still have to have load the drivers in windows during a fresh install. You can enable and greate a aray in bios which is what you need to do. But to let windows do stuff with it you need the drivers. Which are very buggy for nforce 4. I wasent the only one having the problems (blue screens during installation) correct me if im wrong though.
I'm running a few seagates on raid0 with a promise chipset (Asus p4pe), and I have zero problems reinstalling.

Just keep the chipset drivers handy on a floppy for the reinstall, and don't forget to hit F6 when it prompts you.
Sorry I was thinking of the nForce 3. The only problem I had was windows couldn't read the disk that came with the mboard. Downloaded a new copy of the drivers and everything went well.

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