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Rage over IE & Win XP ...begging for help..have mercy!


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Hey Guys, this problem is driving me insane.....first time i've seen this

After turnin on my laptop today, my win xp home says it has
restored a previous registry because of an error. This is not
the first time i've gotten this...the last time my icons suddenly
lost their associations and i had to get some fixes to restore

So anyway, when i start my IE 6 SP2, i can browse,but
it just wont accept any inputs into any textbox's!!!
I click on the textbox and start typing but nothing appears.
I have Mozilla and it works fine... Also, when i open the
the About in Help of IE...it gives me a Error:96 Unspecified

I also have a problem with my Norton where it pops up a Security
Alert window but there is nothing displayed in it.I have installed
another antivirus software and it detected nothing at all.
It's as though something is blocking windows from displaying

Another small problem is, on my taskbar, i enable it to display
the speaker and LAN Connection but when the laptop starts,
nothing appears, i have to go again to the control panel and
audio devices and check the box to display the speaker
icon on the taskbar and suddenly, together with the
speaker icon, the LAN icon appears too.

I even tried reinstalling Service Pack 2, and nothing
works. Anyone out there know anything? Been in the
same situation??? I desperately need help, thanks
in advance!


---pro a.v. geek
What antivirus are you using? Have you tried rumming ad-aware and spybot?
It sounds like Updreg.exe is running @ startup and attempting to fix something in your registry. I'd suggest making a full backup of your registry, then try running spyware remover and anti-virus utils.


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Does the same problem occur under another user account? I have seen similar problems before (never figured out what caused it) and it only occured under a certain account.



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Hey thanks for help guys, but i tried (not in order) :
- virus scan 4 different vendors, 2 software, 2 online
- scan for spyware/addware with Spybot and Ad-aware
- go to last known good configuration (yes i know it rarely works :p)
- tried a system restore but as add/remove nothing is displayed so i cant do anything
- reinstalling service pack 2
- did log in another user account
- disabled universal PnP(some newsgroup suggested that)
- got so fed up, so i tried repair with windows CD ( laptop refused to start)

I think its time to give up and do a whole reinstall.....this is gonna take
my whole day away....!!! :( Any last idea's??


Political User
if nothing works, and your going to format...

get your hands on Norton Ghost and do a backup of your configuration after you know its good.

takes me 5 minutes to do a complete system restore, format and all.
good compression too.
Try renaming your profile. Ex. if your userid is freewilly: Go to C:\documents and settings, and rename the 'freewilly' folder to freewillyold.

Reboot, and see if your issues persist.
Try renaming your profile.

Ex. in c:\documents and settings - rename 'freewilly' to 'freewillyold' and reboot to see if your issues persist.

Don't forget of course, to copy over your favorites, and your documents afterwards.


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FYI, I just ran into the same problem with two users pcs.

I was able to fix it by:

Backing up favorites and links

Reinstalling IE 6.0 SP1.

All is well again.

Hope this isn't too late to help.


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synlupri said:
FYI, I just ran into the same problem with two users pcs.

I was able to fix it by:

Backing up favorites and links

Reinstalling IE 6.0 SP1.

All is well again.

Hope this isn't too late to help.
that was my suggestion. reistall IE. it looks like it corrupted.

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