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RadioShack - Analog to USB game controller adapter...

I just saw in the latest RadioShack flyer for my area that there is an adapter that will let you use "any" (which i imagine doesn't necessarily mean "every") analog game controller in a PC's USB port.

Has anyone had any experience with this or a similar device? I haven't been to the store yet to see if it will work with an N64 (in my opinion the best designed game controller ever) controller. Has anyone ever heard of an adapter that will let me use an N64 controller through a USB port?

edit/ --> i just checked the radio shack website... and it's actually just a standard gameport to USB adapter... not actually one for console controllers... but i would still like to know if anyone knows of an adapter that will let me use an N64 controller through a USB, or gameport i guess...


You musta been looking at this USB-to-serial coverter. Got me excited too when I first saw it.

I found a few sites off of google.com that have what you are looking for.

They are here, here, and here--they all show some type of USB-N64 adapter.

Oh, and the full list of search results are found here.


hardware monkey
there are a few different psx/ps2-to-usb adapters out there. does anyone have any experience with any of them or know of a site that's reviewed one or two?

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