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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Jestermask, May 13, 2002.

  1. Jestermask

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    I'm itching to receive AM/FM radio stations on my computer, since my current sound setup on my computer far surpasses that of my stereo. So my question is, is there any internal hardware that I can use to make my PC get radio signals? I've been doing some research with these NewQ things (, but I have an issue with the fact that it connects from the sound card and then the speakers connect to the NewQ device. If it hampers sound quality, I don't want it. However, any other devices or favorable reviews on these NewQ devices would be much appreciated. I need to free up some space on my desk, and my big-ass Aiwa stereo seems like a great first step. ;)

    Thanks all.

  2. stuy_b

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    PC-World stock FM PCI cards, lets you get AM & FM.

    What I've done is run a lead from my hifi output (phono jacks) to my line-in on my SBlive card. Get great signal. :D
  3. Geffy

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    I have a dinky small Sony AM/FM LongWave/ShortWave, just about anything radio with a cable going from its line out to my PCs line in. I unmute the LineIn and the Radio plays through the PC speakers, it is a bit dodgy when running games as well, but it works. Can also record the Radio using Creative Recorder 2.
  4. xsivforce

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    Hauppauge win tv has the ability to receive FM. They have it in pci card or USB as I have. One of them is here. You can visit the Hauppauge site here .
  5. Taurus

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    d-link has a simple usb antenna, but it only receives fm signals. take a gander. i'm sure the sound quality would be pretty good.