Radeon > Geforce 4 ti ?



i've ask for recommendations on which video card to get. alot of people said geforce ti 4600, but then alot said the radeon 8500 is better than the geforce, i checked some results on a site, i forget what site, ( a popular one is all i know) and the radeon defintely outperformed the geforce ti 4600, (unreal Tournament) and that is what i love to play is UT, i need some recommendations from more people :))) im in canada and good cheap graphic cards are hard to come by if you dont know where to look, so if anyway has a good website for me to order one from for cheap lemme know please.....


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you can wait a month or so till retail 9700 pro comes out.. then you can check out the prices for the ti 4600 or 4200 or the 8500...

if you are going to buy an 8500... don't buy the le.. buy the retail...


here...try this yall

anandtech, toms, all of em....

they run what nvidia caters to BENCHMARKS
while ati caters to the actual PROGRAMS...

so here...
if you want to run 3dmark as a screen saver or sumtin and brag....drop ur 400 bux and go home happy...

but if u r actually gunna run gamez and stuff....the radeon is ur card at a mere $218(last i checked on newegg)

so....there u have it


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they also both use different algorithms and processes to do virtually the same thing...

ati with the 8500 DOES have better graphics... but also the g4 ti series... DOES have faster fps... still I doubt unless you run at 1600x1200 that you are going to notice the difference that drastically...

remember the 3dmark scores are also somewhat dependent on your CPU...

no point in putting a g4ti 4600 into a POS 400 mhz rig and expecting 10000 on 3dmark...


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well sysmark and 3dmark are moderately different... and YES intel is getting sued for their retarded marketing practices lol...

oh well...



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that would depend entirely on your preference

I don't mind getting 5 - 10 frames less when I am getting over 100 in order to get a better picture...

on the other hand the picture quality is not going to be that visibly different on a g4 ti card and you WILL get a better frame rate...

depends on you entirely...

bear in mind the best card right now is the g4 ti4600... it also costs the most.... (other than the parhellia which is not really a TRUE performance gaming card... )

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