Radeon 9700 aka R300

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    What does everyone think about the new Radeon 9700 do you think it will be out the gf4 in performance and quality to ? feedback.
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    No way GeForce will kick Radeon 9700 ass anytime.
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    Friend of Bill What, me worry?

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    Yeah but I can write better drivers on bits of toilet paper than Ati.


    lol yeah ati doesnt come out with very good drivers but the last one was a good one solved all my problems with my card and made it a little faster
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    ATI 0wnz j00 4||


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    I believe the ATI will outperform the G4, and I have to disagree about the ATI drivers, the drivers I use on the other system running the 7500 all in wonder are rock solid and stable as heck.
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    radeon 8500 came out to compete with the g3 ti series and does quite well so I am sure that the new card will compete well with the nvidia g4 series...


    drivers? well if nvidia's drivers were good enough they would not have to keep releasing new ones all the time would they?

    sure ati is not that great with their own drivers... but they are more than adequate and the new ones are quite brilliant...

    btw watching bruce lee v/s kareem abudl jabbar... whata matchup :) love that movie... GO BRUCE GO...
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    ati's support

    like a month ago i went to the ati site to download the new drivers for my dads ati card in his laptop. First of all the site is completly weird when i finally go to the page of the mobility radeon 32mb ddr there was no link for drivers i had to find it another way and then when i downloaded it, it told me that its not for the card i have! now what kind of support is that???? and it didnt say which mobility radeon it was on the site the 32 or the 64 version i had a hard time to find out where to go, on the other hand Nvidia you just go to the site and move your mouse over drivers and click on your card and download now how hard is that?:mad:
    Yeah electronic punk ill help you do u need any of my pooh? ;) :D hahahahaha!
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    I will make my GF4 better than the ATI :D I WILL..............!

    Even if I have to Mod my GF2 memory on.
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    Well the arguements about drivers are old hat now, because ATI nolonger actually supply drivers.. they sell there chips to 3rd party manufacturers like Hercules, so its upto them to do the drivers, as they integrate them into there own type of boards, they just have a basic reference to work from. The Hercules 8500 is better than ATIs own!!.. faster memory.

    It will beat the GF4s, the beta reviews have already commented on this. It just depends if they can be sold cheaper than the 4600s (which i think are way too expensive)

    Now Im not an ATI lover (own a geforce2 pro) I'm just pointing out some details. :)