radeon 9600xt overdrive wont appear...


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25 Apr 2002
i just did a fresh install of xp and installed the 4.3 cats...i noticed that the overdrive part of the settings isnt there, but the VPU Recover is...is this normal?
if not, how can i get the overdrive function back?

Is it a "made by ATi" version of the card or 3rd party? I think some of the 3rd party cards don't support the feature as ATi didn't make them so they aren't gonna be to blame if you burn them.
thats the weird thing...yesterday and before yesterday the function was there, and i enabled it. even though its made by gigabyte, they still support that function
Hmm... you need someone wiser like Sazaar or others me thinks.
I noticed this the other day as well..
I am running the 4.3 cats too, but I had assumed that
I had lost it because I had killed two processes of which
I deemed unnessessary that the ati software was running.

Perhaps has something todo with the 4.3s
I don't know but I want to find out I just got my 9600XT today mine is made by ASUS 128mb VIVO , I love the card moved over from my trusty Ti4200 128mb which is now in our other machine, would like to know more about this feature.
i dont know that card, but looks sweet...
anyway, overdrive is a feature that 9600xt (and onwards) cards have which consists of "auto overclocking". its totally supported by ATI so the card wont be "over overclocked" :p
u can enable it in the advanced properties of the card, u should have a section called overdrive and ull see 2 little thermometers there
I have not updated to 4.2/4.3 because I have seen lots of bugs and actual performance drops (not neccessarily in fps, but other non-fun things)

I wouldn't be surprised if the overclock function dissapeared with some of the solidity... :( I'm rocking the 4.1's right now, and the overdrive + the temp scale (which wasnt in previous versions) shows up fine
9600 pro here and rocking the 4.3 cats fine ... but alas I don't have an XT so no overdrive for me anyhoo :p

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