Radeon 9600XT 256mb & Power Strip

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12 May 2002
Just got myself one of these cards yesterday. I use to use power strip to control bightness for games but since installing the card power strip no longer works. (I'll have to see if there is an updated version) Anyway is there a way to set different profiles for brightness using the card. I can't seem to find any, but hey what's new. :D

Haven't downloaded the latest drivers yet. Any suggestions? For brightness & drivers.
ati changed certain settings so you can only change them from within the CP...

consider playing around with brightness settings and profiles through the CP...


official drivers have not let me down...
Thanks Sazar. Looks like it's time to have a bit of a play around & see what does what.

Is it the Catalyst driver I am after?
Good stuff. I should have looked at the disk that came with it a bit closer.....'CATALYST Drriver Suite v4.1.' :rolleyes:
the latest one is version 4.4 if you need to upgrade @ anytime in the near future...
Grabbing it now. What's the best way to load it. Remove the old one or go straight over the top. Just looked in the add/remove & there are 3 ATI programs there.
I normally stick it over the last one :)

you can do whichever you choose...
Sounds good to me. Over the top it is. :D

With the card came an offer for half life 2 free. What a pain in the butt. You either post, yes, snail mail your details. For me I post to somewhere in Canada. Cost is US$10 not including taxes.

Or use a program called Steam. Again what a pain in the butt. Here I am on dial up & for the last two hours I just been trying to create an account. All it wants to do is keep updating itself every step of the way.

& then I not sure whether I can download the game to burn it or be stuck using dialup when I want to play. :mad:
You got lucky, ATI is removing the HalfLife2 vouchers for the 9600XTs. also, I wouldn't worry too much about downloading the game any time soon, it's been pushed back a few times...not too sure on the newest release date
With the game I ended up using snail mail. Probably messed it up though as I used the registration number twice. With steam & snail mail. Have to wait & see. Finally got onto steam. Had 1.5 gigs waiting for me. So on dialup I think I'll give it a miss. :)
Had a bit of a look around & it said if you want tp play half life 1 you can start without downloading it all. OK so I go to play. A box comes up & says, "time till you can play = 145 minutes.' Gave it up as a bad joke.

As for the bightness I found it in the driver control panel in the color section. Changed it from 'desktop' to '3D'. & from there it was easy to figure out.

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