Radeon 9000


25 Jan 2004
Okay i got the Radeon 9000 Evil Commando...and i was wondering if there was a driver to smoothen out lines of graphics like its a little fuzzy on the boarders on some graphics. I am asking this becuase i've seen my friends Nvidia FX 5600 that can smoothen out lines and corners. So it would be a big help if someone can tell me if there is a driver that does the same of the 5600 thanx
if you are talking about lines in 3d games and stuff.. what u are looking for is teh anti-aliasing slider in the control panel of your video card..

simply go to desktop > right click > properties > settings > advanced > 3d (if you have the latest ati drivers) or opengl and directX... and change the anti-aliasing settings you have...

it will make the lines smoother in 3d but will reduce performance (frame rate) due to the extra work required...
Well i don't see the anti-aliasing in this...look at the attachment


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click on custom... you will see the settings and then can change them as you see fit...
well, that's the OGL settings and he has AA at 4x... only problem is... I can't think of any games that a Radeon 9000 would actually be able to run 4x AA at a decent framerate. Enabling AA is quite detrimental to framerate

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