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Radeon 8500LE (HELP!!!)

I have just recently purchased a 8500LE....The drivers that came with the card worked just fine....But when I downloaded and installed the new cataylist drivers I recieved an "INF" error....Can anyone help me??? Or do I need to stick with the older drivers....
I am running win 2000....

I have attatched a pic of the error.....Thanks in advance!!!
Why does ATI do this???? Some kind of joke???? I am going to mail bomb their ass....lol.....man this really sucks.....maybe now I will be getting more fresh air!!! nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo


did you completely uninstall the previous drivers? the drivers are probably fine but without a clean install they go wonky on you..

go to this forum for a complete guide to uninstall ATI drivers

my first time trying out different driver sets I had major problems because I didn't do the complete uninstall.. once I learned how to do it though it became easy.. trust me though that the drivers these days are quite good..


Hello, this is Nighthawk_450's friend :)

Yes I uninstalled the old drivers completly, I even formatted the entire computer and tried puting them on.....still happens......I guess I'll just have to stay with what I have till the newer ones come out and hopefully they'll work right :cool:

pic of the error again incase its anyhelp


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contrary to the militant views of some posters... ATi DOES have pretty good support for customers... it may not be Dell like BUT they will get back to you and email you with links about where to get the proper drivers...

Ati cards DO have issues with certain hardware setups... the newer drivers basically give you a little extra features... performance wise they do not upgrade far above what you already have...

generally just keep rolling back to older drivers because... for some ODD reason... they seem more stable than the newer ones...

the default drivers should generally work... but iwth win XP they have had problems... I never got BSOD'd on win2k with ati driver problems...

normally the newer drivers don't help me out with my radeon... but the older drivers do work so just try em out mate :)



I have an Ati 8500 with the catalyst driver. Theres a special way you have to install it to make it work. All other Ati drivers have to be removed. I don't know anything about win 2000. But in xp they say to go to add remove programs in control panel and remove them this way and reboot. You keep doing this until windows puts no drivers in for the Ati 8500. In fact it should ask you for the cd. At this point you can put the catalyst driver in. The catalyst driver cannot have any other driver in there with it during the install or it will mess up.
If for some reason it still won't work and you have to go to a older driver, Try the one that ends in the number 43. It allows for higher peak frame rates. The one that ends in 71 cuts about 10 fps off the peak frame rates.
In fact I get a higher score with the 43 driver than I do with the catalyst driver! 7300 vs 7590 using 3dmark 2001 se. The 43 driver also responds quite well when you tweak it. I was able to tweak a 1000 more points(no over clock) out of my card. The catalyst. I only got fifty more points after tweaking it. :eek:
Hope this helps ya:)

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go here for your radeon needs I just dl'd the new leaked drivers for the radeon line of cards and wowow great drivers thats 4 or 5 sets in as many weeks guess ATI is on the driver bandwagon

use the forums at that site there is a section just for the 8500 and catalyst line of drivers not taking away from this place butfor your ATI needs thats the place to go

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Hey nighthawk

Hey I see your from GrandFalls -Windsor ........ cool you know the Leaches? I am going out with one of them ...... nice to see people from the rock on here !!!

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