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Radeon 8500LE 128MB

i am thinking of buying a ATI Radeon 8500LE 128MB AGP Video Card because it is on sale but i want to know if i can get somehting bettwe for my system near the same price

my system is a
amd xp1600+ 1.5ghz
896mb sdram
40gb 7200rpm
40gb 5200rpm
gforce 2 mx 400 64mb ddr
soundblaster aduigy gamer
cdrw 16x32x40x
DVD 24x

here is the link to the ati card but is anyone know of anything better for near the same price can you post the link, and it is in canadian



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169 canadian buckeroos?

its a decent enough card m8...

you might consider paying a tiny bit more and buying a radeon 9500 or 9500pro which are supposed to be in a quite similar price bracket... they are the cheapest nextgen vid cards with dx9 support and the pro outperforms all competing cards other than the 9700 and 9700pro...

you can also buy an nvidia 4200 for a similar performance.. ati looks nicer/nvidia gives you a few more frames per second in games...

if I were you I would wait for a bit...

and sorry I dunno canadian prices for the cards :) but should scale like they do in the us a little...


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i suppose $170 canadian is good... but a gf4 ti4200 will be a little faster, though i don't know how much canadian it'd be.


hardware monkey
Posted by canadian_divx
that is about 500 canadian for the gforce 4 ti4200
no way... it's $340 on that same site... i'm sure it can be found cheaper if i knew of other canadian stores.

but probly not near the $170 you can get that 8500le for... so i'd say go for that.


F@H - Is it in you?
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yah nv30 probably introduced at comdex this month and production 1Q next year...

to keep up to speed with info just keep checking the main page for news updates :)

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