Radeon 8500 or GF3 Ti500?

Nothing on earth beats the ASUS GeForce 3 Ti500

Using the latest Nvidia Geforce 3 Ti500 chipset this is quite probably the fastest 3D graphics card on earth.

Check out this, Shows the GF3 over power the R8500 for fun (hehe :D)

Personnaly PURE version is best for me (no need for other outports)

I haven't used either, but a friend of mine has used both. From what I saw, the Radeon bombed. In counterstrike, the graphics were cutting up and some parts blurry. With the Ti500, couldn't tell a difference between it and the Geforce 3, but performed better than the Radeon. From what I have read, reports say the Radeon is the best in graphics, where as the Ti500 rates number 1 in speed. My personal opinion is: I would want a better picture so I would go with the Radeon. Sine seeing what I saw, I say to hell with Radeon until they produce better drivers. So Ti500 here I come. :)
yeah, that's the thing with ATI. they make advanced video cards that are really good. But then, their drivers suck ass. They even screwed up the information for the installation of their drivers.

The installation for latest Radeon 32 MB DDR drivers, wont recognize that i have this card, because ATI didn't write the entry for my card! Fools!!!!!
Radeon8500 kicks ass. especially for its price. considerably less than a Geforce3 ti500. And even if it's drivers are screwed, that only means it can't do close to it theoretical speeds(framerates) but it STILL beats the Geforce 3 in <a href=http://gamershq.madonion.com/>3dmark</a> results AND it's cheaper(www.pricewatch.com)
Price may be an issue to some people, but for me it's not. Geforce Ti500 romped Radeon with my benchmarkings. Even with all the settings for Opengl and DirectX set, Nvidia still ran faster and provided better graphics.
Nvidia puts out new drivers almost every month .. What can't they get right ..

As for the ATI Radeon 8500 with the new drivers released this month .. you will not see better Anti Alising "Pretty dam sure that isn't spelt correctly".. and for DVD or MPG play back .. well .. nothen beats an ATI .. wait for the new generation chip .. coming early next year ..
BUT to be fair ,, It would be nice to get a stable set of drivers outta them ..

Mind you ATI doesn't have a refresh problem .. unlike Nvidia ..
For now, I choose the Gf3 card, mainly because of the drivers and the smoother visions in games. But ATI is a VERY promising card, and if ATI ships some new and better drivers soon, I may change my mind:)
I don't like your attitude UniSol. I live in Toronto and ATI ownz here. And check www.madonion.com for benchmark results. I dont know how u guys benchmark, but as of posting date, 3dmark is respected by many companies internationally as the standard and in 3dmark benchmarks, radeon8500 is first. both in the public benchmarks and the benchmarks by the admins of hardware sites.
Radeon is good card but still prefer my Ti 500, reason- better drivers, better support and regular updates.

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