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Radeon 8500 Driver Problems



I just built a new computer with an AMD 2000 XP with a Radeon 8500 and Windows XP. I am having all kinds of problems find stable drivers, as every one I have tried so far off of ATI website (the latest release, the release before that, and the ones provided to me on the cd) don't seem to function correctly. Warcraft III loads with graphics unseeable and 3dmarks 2001 crashes on the second test.... any advice please?!?!?!??


AMD Athlon 2000 XP
Gigabyte GA-7DXR
Radeon 8500 64MB
512 MB 2100 DDR
80 GB IBM 7200
20 GB Maxtor 5400
Lite ON Cd-RW


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I'm talking now from personal experience :
Solutions :
1) Update BIOS ( first for motherboard , if not works for vidcard too )
2) Test that card or another system
3) BIOS settings : AGP4X !


already latest bios :-(
don't have another system i can test on :-(
agp set to 4x :-( :-( :-(
any other suggestions?


somebody please help...are there any other drivers than the ones ATI releases?!? or any past drivers that have been really stable?!? it is very frustrating to spend 850 on a computer and have it crash as soon as a 3d application opens up :-( *bump*


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yea , that's what I wanted to say also but Seekely , I'm sure you'll find a decent driver . I've heard that the latest drivers from Ati are changing the history ..


oh well, thanks for your guys help...i guess i'll just install and try drivers until a set finally work (already up to about 6). How frustrating!


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see if there are any patches for the warcraft game...

ati don't or did not actually release as many drivers as nvidia... and as such their support for certain games/aps ws not quite upto scratch all the time...

however it may not be the card that is causing the prob..

I have issues loading certain programs... the wcpuid ap crashes my rig... but its not coz of my vid card..

all I can say is dl the lastest everything... try out different settings and try dling the patches for your progs...



wow that sounds pretty screwed..... hhhhmmmm...... i think u should start from scratch again, for sure, u need the most updated BIOS for your motherboard, that was the cause of my system freezes after installing a GF3 ti500, start with windows xp, it should isntall it's own windows drivers that will support the right resolutions, colour bits, and refresh rate, but not OpenGL, then.... erm..... the drivers, i would think u'd get them strait from ATI.com, and then things should be fine

i know it sounds kinda simple, but maybe, all this time, there was something that got screwed, and u should start from scratch

i never knew building your own computer could be so frustrating... I'd thought building a comp would have less problems than buying a comp from compaq or IBM or Dell...

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