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Radeon 8500/8500LE



HI, I have radeon 8500le I just installed the new driver 7.78. After installing the driver my games were running like 3fps. Does anybody has any idea what's going on the AGP card. Thank in advance


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7.78 is a beta init?

beta does not work on all hardware configurations... it is not really the card @ fault...

use the WHQL 7.76 drivers and things should be fine...

if you need to install the individual display drivers the 6166 is the officially supported ones.. and the next ones that work best would be 6193... I have no troubles with it...

try to roll back to OFFICIAL drivers if you have a bug with a set of beta's :)


I did all the thing I can Imaging all driver uninstalling and installing again same result need help.


F@H - Is it in you?
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ok... try this...

www.rage3d.com has forums for help and they have a few threads to show how to completely remove drivers from your machine..

do not overclock your machine and install appropriate supported drivers from ATi either for built by Ati or the drivers for cards that are powered by ati... can get official drivers here www.ati.com

try doing that...

also the way you were describing the problem... did the games run fine before you installed the beta 7.78 drivers ?

just check out the forums over @ www.rage3d.com for more information concerning radeon cards and trouble shooting.. most of the time it is a minor thing...

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