Radeon 64mb DDR and CounterStrike

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Ok i've seen a lot of people with cs problems here. I couldn't fix my problem from what I read though.

I have a Radeon 64mb DDR VIVO and right before i installed XP (on my other harddrive) I downloaded the newest XP drivers for my ati card from the producer's website.

However, now my game runs sluggish. When I play in Win 98 i get about 72 fps, now I only get about 35. Is there anything I can do? Is there some new beta ati drivers somewhere that i should use?

I have Win 98 installed on my C: drive (40 gig)
and XP installed on D: (20 gig)

counter-strike is on my C: drive if that would make a difference.


i havwe the same problem... at first I thought it was the fact that WINxp by default with ACPI enabled puts way too many things on one IRQ channel. Well, i fixed this, now my IRQ table is back to normal again, but i still get the same lag problems... maybe XP just doesnt like the radeon and counter-strike mixed... I say this because when I play quake3 I get insanely fast frame rates.

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