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Quit smoking


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Today is the second day for me without having a cig. my girlfriend has also quit along side with me.

It has been very difficult, the cravings and withdrawal symptoms are brutal.
I have lots of support at home and work but, I have to say Im having a hard time right now...:cry:


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It's one of the toughest things to do. But realize that many have given up smoking (I believe Marge quit a few years ago) and been successful at it.

Good luck!


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Good luck to you!

Personally I have never found how people think Smoking is addictive. I went though packs myself and enjoyed it until I wasn't getting nearly as buzzed anymore so I stopped, and that was it. I never got any withdrawals or anything. I still occasionally smoke at parties or when I'm around friends that still smoke. But it is not very often, maybe I didn't do it long enough... or maybe I just have weird genes... but I never felt that grip that smokes have on some people.

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I quit 26 months ago and now it never crosses my mind, it's only when I read post like this that I realise I used to be smoker. I was lucky and found it extremely easy to quit, even though I'd been a smoker for about 25 years I NEVER suffered from cravings and NEVER suffered withdrawl.

I woke up one morning lit a ciggie, thought I don't want to do this I'm gonna quit and I did. I can tell you the exact date, day and time I had my last filthy smoke, 9.30am March 4th 2005...If I'd have known it was gonna be this easy I'd have done it years ago.

Stick with it, you'll feel fantastic in the end. I tell you something, after a while you'll discover for yourself how bad you used to smell :suprised:
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