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Quirky HD

I bought a Maxtor D740X 80 GB hard drive a while ago (model 6L080J4... actually the one i got first was the liquid bearing model.. just can't remember which letter was different) and it started making some wierd noises. It would make a clunking like sound that sounded like the heads hitting the side of the drive (that's the only thing i can think of that would make this noise) so I returned it and got a different one (this one wasn't the liquid bearing one because it wasn't marked on the outside of the box so I couldn't tell whether or not I was getting the liquid bearing model) and a while ago it started making those same noises.
Has anybody else experienced this.
Also it seems to have louder reads and writes than a new hard drive should.
There's no errors when I run the Maxtor software that checks the drive integrity.... but I really don't want to lose all the stuff I've got on it either.

Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
One thing to check is that not only the cable is plugged into the hard drive properly but also the individual wires of the cable. I went through two drives before I picked it up. :rolleyes:
what do you mean by individual wires? i can only plug the cable in one way... and it's a brand new cable too.
Have you experienced any noises like i described?

Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
Mine was a brand new seagate 20gig. It would make clicking noises. It ended up dying & the replacement did the same. What was happening was the power was on/off on/off. That's what killed it. Have a look at your plug that goes into the back of the hard drive. If that is OK then try the wires that go into the plug. (this was over 12 months ago now so the plugs might be different.)


Nissan Powered
Had an IBM drive do the same thing I never thought it might be bad power turning it on and off hmmmm anywho drive went bad. If I where you I would start backing up your data cuzz failure is prolly eminate.
Another thing to take into consideration is how hot the disk runs. If it runs too hot the lifetime will be significantly shortened. So check the temps on it, if it's in "a bad place" it can get really hot. Some cooling could be appropriate in that case.

My Seagate runs at 41C now which is very ok.

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