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Quintessential MP3 Player - I threw out WinAmp



Holy cow, I've been using WinAmp for 6 years?

I've tried a few other MP3 players over the years and NEVER liked any of them. Now I'm a Quintessential Player convert though:

Every single thing (except video playback - totally missing) is BETTER than Winamp. #1 by far is the playlist loads instantly (versus minutes for Winamp)

The skin browser rocks - you can look through and sort the list of skins through a mini net browser with preview. See one you like and just click the button to get it.

There aren't a lot of visulazations - but you can have them inside the playlist and you can import some other MP3 visulazations (like from Sonique, etc)



Yeah, I've been using QCD for a long time now, and you're absolutely right - it's fantastic. I think the problem is "word of mouth". Winamp is the household name, QCD is not. So most people go straight to Winamp when they want an audio player. When in fact, the newer versions of Winamp are really not very good.
Does it use a lot of resources (like memory drain/CPU usage)? I always found that most alternative players I have used eat up my resources, causing a bit of slowness on my system. I am using a PIII800 with 256MB and Windows XP HESP1 btw.


I may actually be insane.
Every single thing (except video playback - totally missing)
No real loss, Winamps Vid playback annoys me, I dont want my damn vids played by winamp *smacks it with a stick*

I'll go download this player now then, see how I like it :)


I may actually be insane.
Initial impressions, It looks and feels quite messy and disorganised (possibly because I'm too used to winamp and cool player) the skins are nice, and the insatllation method is very nice, soo easy :)
Memory wise, playing a VBR mp3 it takes about 13mb (of 512) memory and ranges from 0 to 5% cpu usage (on a 1GHz athlon) compared to winamp playing the same file taking the same CPU but only 7mb memory.

It seems like a decent player, and I won't just say "oh it's crap" and give up on it, I'm gonna use it for a while and see how I like it after getting used to it :)


One thing I like is the built in search box.... With Winamp you had to use a keystroke to do a search (I think it is CTRL or ALT-J).

I'm still sold by the spead of the playlist though. :)
Man, this is one hell piece of a software! I like it :D, I don't find it 'better' than Winamp (maybe because I am used to Winamp), but after a little searching here and there, I found all the options I need. It uses a little bit more resources, like SPeedY_B mentioned, but that's no biggie. A tip, turn off the Visual Effects, and you save up to 10 MB of memory.


I may actually be insane.
It does look quite nice (see attachment for screenie of the skin I'm using ;) ) and for how I listen to music, which is basically to load my music folder into it, hit play, then ignore the app for a few hours, it does a nice job. So at the moment, I wouldn't say that I'd prefer it over winamp, the thing that I like about winamp is the plug-in support, which is obviously because it's a more well known player and therefore gets more developers interested in it.

Still going to use this for a week or so though :)


Originally posted by SPeedY_B
the thing that I like about winamp is the plug-in support, which is obviously because it's a more well known player and therefore gets more developers interested in it.
You're absolutely right. Plugin support could be better. But that goes back to what I said before. Winamp is the household name.

Don't forget, Nullsoft is owned and operated by America Online, a company which is 2 steps away from going belly-up. They recently dropped Netscape, and I can only assume the Nullsoft division will be next to get the axe.


qcd with DFX sounds pretty good also - it has the abiltiy to use some, knotice I said some, winamp plugins and skins .. you have to be carefull though, if you use one that is'nt compatible you will crash it .. .


Originally posted by SPeedY_B
Yeah, quite un-fortunate that AOL own nullsoft :confused:
OMG I didn't know that.... I was a Netscape user from day #1 of it's browser and stopped using it the second I heard AOL bought it out.

I don't know if I hate AOL or it's "groopies" more.

I really thought several years ago when the FED gov busted them (overselling & cheating customers) they would have gone bankrupt at that point.

Ahhhhhhhhhrrrrgggggg I hate AOL.



I may actually be insane.
Winamp 2.65 was the last AOL-Free version, there are people out there who still use that version :) I think I even have it on Cd somewhere :D


Maybei am doing some theing wrong, but does that obnoxious CDDB little red box come up every freaking time you try to open a song??? How the heck can i disable it. I turend the cddb plugin off but it still says "powered by gracenote" and all that crap

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