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quictime playback problem-How to get rid of "green" screen??


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When I try to play quicktime movie clips that were saved to my harddrive the playback starts out ok (the beginning of the clip starts to play ok) but then a "green" screen pops over the playback. I figured this was some sort of protection quicktime put into their player to keep people from unauthorized viewing, however sometimes I can view the clips with no problem.
This happened in the past, but I had upgraded to QuicktimePro 6.5 and everything was working great....then I just had to try the new QTv7.0 and BAM!! the stupid green blocking screen came back.....serves me right for messing with a working program...I just could not help myself.
I have tried Quicktimealternative, and the 3vix (sp?) codecs and sometimes I can view 1 or 2 clips with no problem, but then eventually the green screen comes back.

Anyone have a similar problem??? How do I get around this??? I usually download the clips for new movies to show my kids...but it is a pain when they do not work.

Thanks for any help



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Mastershakes said:
Is it '3ivx_d4_451_win' that you installed?

Is it an Nvidea card?
Yep, after I have the 3ivx)d4_451 codec. (I think that the latest codec was installed when I upgraded to QuicktimePro 7.0
Yes, I have an nVidia FX5950

I have tried VideoLan and it initally seemed to work but now the sound won't play (I have not reinstalled yet)

The stupid green screen is driving me nuts... seems I can play the video one time, but if I try to play another file the green screen pops up.

Any way around this??? Older codec, older player???

-thanks for any suggestions.
remove all video drivers, and codecs. Start from scratch, installing 1 thing... testing.. installing another thing.. testing etc.. You will narrow it down this way.

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