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Quicktime .mov files play, but just barely.

Not sure if this is the best place for this issue, but please tow it to the appropriate place if need be!

I have Quicktime 7 Pro and Media Player Classic, and neither of them will play .mov's without the audio and video 'glitching'. I have many codecs so I can watch movies that are encoded in a variety of different codecs, but I rarely mess with apple formats. Now, anything that plays in apple formats will not play without this glitching, and after a few seconds, it finally just stops decoding the audio. This happens during audio and video files.

I have installed, uninstalled, reinstalled, etc.. I cant fix it. I know one way that'll fix it, but I prefer to avoid system reformatting. :laugh:
Remove all your codecs, and any codec packs you have totally and utterly.

Then go find the Combined Community Codec pack and the two alternatives (QT Alternative and RealMedia Alternative) (unless you have a legit QT7 Pro :p).

Stuff should be fine then.
Well I had freeware quicktime, then I uninstalled as far as I knew how to.. then installed QT Alt and it did the same thing! So I picked up QT 7 Pro and installed that and it still does the same thing.. I dont know how uninstalling will help since Ive done it 3 times already. Is there an audio codec cleaner like they have for graphics drivers?
do as I said and you will be fine. And i said remove ALL your codecs, every last one. and thgen install the combined community codec pack and QT and RM alt only.

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