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Quickly, I need a decision on graphics card


Mr. Bananagrabber
Political User
I have a choice, buy the 7900gt ko, or the 7900gt ko superclocked.
Anybody got some pros/cons on this?
And which one should i get?
I'll say it again, but you won'tlisten. Avoid overclocked video cards!

How many 12V rails and what are the current ratings? Wattage means nothing anymore.

Look at the number of people posting here who have had to RMA 7900 overclocked series EVGA and XFX cards lately. That is a bad pattern and has scared me into holding off on a new vid card.

Good luck.


The One and Only
Lee.... i have two 7900GT CO SC's..... both running like a champ.... plus my PhysX card.... which i really want some new games for. was probably just a bad batch of cards before. and as vanquished said...... warrantee covers it..... and so do RMA's.


Mr. Bananagrabber
Political User
Thanks guys!
Im glad you guys posted, now im certain of my decision.
I cant wait,
never had a superclocked card before,
the specs of the 7900gt alone are pretty sick as it is!

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