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Perris Calderon

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I can not figure out how to get quick reply in this firefox browser

can't find it in user preferances, plus, I can't think how that could be it, since quick reply is available on all my other browsers.

check out the screeny of my bottom of the page

also, how are you guys uploading thimbnails?...I hang too long if I try a gif or jpg


Perris Calderon

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now this is amazing...when I switch user agents, either ie or opera, I get fast reply, switch back to mozilla, no quick reply

Perris Calderon

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Political User
ok, I just uninstalled the browser, then I deleted the file in my program files directory.

then I re installed firefox, and it went to my ntfs homepage?

as if the directory was still there.

and of course, the quick reply issue is still there.

so, what's still hanging around after I ininstall?

Ded Morozh

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The no Quick Reply thing in FireFox might have something to do with your theme for the browser. I lose the quick reply if I use the Modern Mozillium theme for Mozilla

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