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Quick RAID Question =)


Smokin & Jokin

I've have a Maxtor 60gb 7200rpm on my raid array at the moment.
In BIOS it sasy its set to 1 + 0 Stripe mode.....
Is that OK?
Is there a better setting I could use for 1 HDD?
Oh, and is there any software I can use to adjust my RAID array
through Windows?
You have one disk in the array? That's not an array. You need at least two. Four even for RAID 1+0 (three works in special cases).

So the setting won't matter. You can even turn RAID off if you wish. You're just using the RAID socket as a normal IDE port.
yes the bios can be set to whatever but if the disks aren't there there will be no raid. takes at least two for raid 0 and same for raid 1.

raid 1 is mirroring - two drives one a copy of other
raid 0 is striping - two or more with the data striped across them
raid 0+1 is two striped then those mirrored

you see with only one disk none of the above can be obtained:happy:

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