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Quick question

ok i just put an old sound card into this machine to test it (its currently running on on-board sound, god knows why :rolleyes: ) anyway there is no audio cable for connecting the cd drive to the sound card.

this cable is vital, yes?

its a creative sound blaster live.

the computer boots but the monitor does not come on, when card is removed everything is normal again. would this be just because of the cable or should i buy a new sound card.



I may actually be insane.
The cable isn't vital, it's simply used to carry the CD-audio to the sound card via analog rather than digital.

I've only ever had these symptoms before when trying to use an ISA sound card, so I just threw it aside and forgot about it, it sounds like either the card or connection/slot in the machine is not functioning the way it should, do you have another machine that you can try the card in?


New Disease said:
how do i disable it? bios??
o.k. I have included 3 pics, starting with boot up, you hit delete, then enter bios settings.
Scroll down to intergrated peripherals.
Hit enter, scroll down to onboard sound, ac'97 (is mine) hit + or - to enable or disable.
Then save it to bios. Sorry for blurred pics, as I am trying out this new camera.


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