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Quick question for outputing x-fi to home system

Would I need 3x 2.5mm jacks to RCA for each output on my sound card connected to my home system?
I tried testing the subwoofer out.. but on my home system I only have one RCA jack for sub and one on center, so I connected the sub out to those outputs, but when I test the sound I get nothing.. its really weird... the only input on my home system is DVD.. which has the surround rca inputs.

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which x-fi did you get ? if you got the one with the seperate box(asio) you can use the lead with that to go from the pc to that box and then a tos link or rca cable to your home system
well I figured it out.
I have a x-fi without the IO console... so I bought 3x 3.5mm jack to RCA and had each output to the designated outputs on my home system.. but if I use my home system I must set it to multi-channel and not SURROUND.. which is weird but it works...I also had to run the assignment wizard in the THX settings of the x-fi.

thanks anyways

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