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Prodigal Son
With the Comp on and nothing(i.e. nothing internet related) running, why does the data light on my cable modem blink randomly like it was sending or receiving? I know it is probably nothing but, I am curious.


Flash modem light

This is perfectly normal. Quite a few things are going on in the background, whether you use the cable modem or not. Periodic ranging, station maintenance, software upgrade, SNMP, DHCP renewal etc. Also your cable company may have an automatic ping setup, so the blinking light is from when your modem is getting pinged by your cable company or by someone else. If you don't have a firewall I suggest you get one. I use Kerio personal Firewall, it's free and you can get it here:


Prodigal Son
Thanks Sage. I figured it was nothing but thought I would check. I use Norton Internet Security. Thanks for the link. One day I will not want to pay to renew. ;)


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Yeah, most cable modems are supposed to not have the activity light and such blink if it's just a multicast network packet not meant for you, but most modems don't have that feature enabled, so as long as the modem is plugged in and there is traffic on the physical network it can blink :)

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