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  1. Ok. I am getting cable internet access. I do my checking with a small program designed by our bank that dials up the bank and lets me do checking. I need to use a dialup modem, though, because its not exactly internet. Since cable is always on the internet, can I call up the bank with my dialup modem while I am connected to the internet w/ cable, or do I need to disable the cable connection when I go to do my checking. Can you even disable the cable easily? disable cable. that rhymes. thx.
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    Well first call the bank and see if they don't offer something avalible over the cable that does that.

    If it uses its own applicaiton and not a plain old dial-up networking connection there should be no problem. If you have problems, open up Control Panel->Network Connections. Right click your Local Area Connection and click "Disable" to tun off the cable line. Then when you are finished double click the Local Area Connection to re-enable it

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    I'm pretty sure that even though that service is only available through hard line, they probably also offer a service exactly like it but throught the internet....
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    Actually, you have no way of knowing...

    This is a common situation for banks, financial transactions and access, etc. How do you think your credit card is authorized at a restaurant? Banks, CC companies, etc. have a number to dial in to, and you must authorize with whatever they have, and they would (theoretically) be cut off from outside the modem pool completely, so there's no hacking attempts (unless you dial in, of course).

    If the bank is larger, then chances are decent they do, but if this is a smaller bank or a specialized bank, then they may only use this proprietary application. If that is the case, then you will most likely have to disconnect from your DSL before running this program, at least as far as I know. The program would have to have a way to specify which connection to use, and if it is in fact designed to be used on a modem, it won't have an option to change that...
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    the program supplied by your bank is the one that utilizes and initiates the dial-up connection, then you should not have a problem. You should not have to disable the LAN if that program has it's own connection options (set to dial-up, of course)