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Questions about Linksys wiereless Cable/DSL Router w/4-port Switch


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I have the opportunity of accuiring a Lynksys Etherfast Wireless Access Point + Cable/DSL Router w/4-port Switch and two(2) wireless Cards for $150.00.
Model BEFW11S4

Now the question(s) is/are: does anyone have experience with this router when used with XP, Win98SE and with both networked together? Also how good is the software, drivers and such? Does it run well or does it have problems with Zone Alarm Pro or the Built in Firewall of XP? Also, how straight forward is the setup?

All feedback would be very helpful.

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I have the same linksys router/4-port switch on a client/server network and I had no problems setting up the network the only thing is I have an internal DSL modem that 'dials up' and in order for the client to gain access to the internet is having the main server adminstrator logged in. It will try to dial on it's own but, an administrator has to be logged in to win xp in order for it to dial on it's own. If you have an external DSL modem/router that would be the best bet and have the linksys configured to it w/ auto DHCP.
Other than my unique situation, it works fine.


Dont worry Gonaads, it isnt difficult at all. At worst case it might be a little tricky. I have been using the 4 port BEFSR41 for about 2.5 years. I have only a few ports forwarded and I run an FTP. I dotn have any problems with it whats so ever. I run both Windows XP and Windows 2k. Let me know if you do have any problems and I am sure we all can solve them. :D


I have this same router with another router/4port switch, 2 4port switches, and 2 4port hubs behind it. The set up was very straight forward. To this mess of a network I very computers running 98se, xp home, xp pro, 2000 server, and at times os x.
I put it on the net work in stalled the software to manage it, turned off the xp firewall and that was it.


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Great, Soooo... Is $150.00 (US) a good deal? BTW, it is not Version 2. Also I have an external DSL Westell Wirespeed Modem. SBC (Pacbell) is my ISP and it's PPPoE.

I know that Firmware ver 1.30 and newer supports PPPoE. How can I find out the Firmware version with out hooking it up? Supposedly it's last years model.


To download the lastest firmware you have to get from the Linksys website. Then you also have to have the router hooked into the computer. There is instruction on how to update the firmware. It is easy, I did it 4 times, so you know its easy. I have had the first generation for 2.5 years now and it works perfectly.


It's not a bad deal. I just saw the router for $89 at buy.com the other day. I have the same router and have had no problems at all.
Good Luck


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