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15 Oct 2002
I think i already know the answer.. My machine is running XP i have the hard drive partitioned Into 2 drives I used to have a dual boot with XP and 2000 but i got rid of 2000. Now i want the dual boot back.. Can I installl 2000 without losing any data?? I know how to create the dual boot normally but i dont' want to lose the data i have on the machine now??

Any suggestions???
If you still have the partition available, you can simply install Windows 2000 back onto that partition. If you don't have the partition available, simply use Partition Magic to make it again (you won't loose any data) and then reinstall to that partition.
thats what i thought.. didn't want to go and do it and risk losing everything but thanks that is what i'll do...

from the forum guidelines:

• Do not use vague words in your topic.
Topics such as "help me" will often be ignored- Members will be more likely to view a thread if the topic is more definitive. We want to help, however we can't if we are not lead to the thread
Sure thing Dreamliner.. i understand what you mean.. I actually wasn't sure where to put this question or how to phrase it.. but thanks.

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